After three decades of success and leadership, more than 100 campaigns, and more than $35 billion raised, we decided to tear up the playbook and think like a start-up.

We decided to honor what we (you and us) did yesterday by setting it aside and committing ourselves to what we (you and us) need to do today and tomorrow. No more big budget monolithic case statements (how many of those do you recycle after each campaign?). No more talking to every donor when we need to help you talk to each donor. You know all too well that donors aren’t part of a pool, they are individuals.

We’ve chosen to focus on pairing effectiveness with reasonable cost. On pairing a nuanced understanding of your goals and challenges with our clear, committed boat-rocking. We’ve chosen to focus on new digital communications channels, tools, and strategies that grow out of our deep industry experience—and yours.

This forward motion and innovation definitely make us different. You and your colleagues will decide if it makes us better. We’re all in for you, no matter what.

Here’s the bottom line: Your mission and your team are changing the world—what kind of industry leader would we be if we didn’t help you change the game?


Whether you’ve worked in development and/or higher education for 30 days or 30 years, you’ve heard of us. It has been our great good fortune to work on campaigns and for organizations of every size and many missions. We have been inspired by—and done our utmost to be inspiration to—advancement leaders, development officers, major donors, campaign volunteers; the list goes on. We’ve listened, we’ve learned. We’ve been there and done that—and then been there again and done that better. That’s always been the goal: keep getting better. Never settle.

So where are we now? Where has all this experience led us? To the realization that we have reached a distinct turning point and a clear, honest, new point of view.

Here’s the truth as we see it—and we don’t think it will surprise you in the least: Asking is still (and will always be) the answer, but development as a profession and a science has been stuck in a rut for some time. We’ve been wasting time and wasting money. As stated, the traditional model of major donor communications is now inefficient and ineffective. Donors don’t give to a trendy campaign theme or a big, slick case statement. They give when their personal passion intersects with their belief and trust in your mission and your ability to change the world. Engaging and motivating your most important prospects requires fresh thinking and entirely new tools.

You and every good development professional already feels these things. But no one has offered you a better, smarter, more affordable alternative. That’s our cue. Here comes the most important truth of all: Those days are over.

Depend on Snavely Associates to do at least one thing we’ve always done: We will listen to you first and always, then accelerate into your project to powerfully solidify campaign communications rationale and strategy.

As we crystalize the messaging, we will create a compelling high-level story—but now we will much more forcefully focus content creation at the touchpoints and layers of the campaign to which individual donors will ultimately give. We will look for each major donor’s passion and much more directly connect to it.

It isn’t always easy, but in the long run it is always more effective, less monolithic and less costly. We will take a far more entrepreneurial, nimble, donor-centered, and—critically—digital-first approach.

The commitment and innovative tools for that long-awaited better, smarter, more affordable alternative are here. And by here, of course, we mean Snavely Associates.

For some development professionals, the new Snavely model will be out of their comfort zone. (Of course, that zone hasn’t been all that comfortable for a last few years.) But if you believe in your organization’s mission—as we do—we can promise you these Snavely benefits:

  • Well-earned expertise paired with responsible pricing that yields high return on investment
  • A committed, forward-focused, tradition-challenging point of view
  • The creation for your campaign, not of a static suite of materials but of a highly dynamic framework to power a nimble, multiyear effort
  • Access to innovative ideas and practical new tools to lean in to the future of development and vastly improve how your organization engages donors
  • Access to a motivated team who combine the experience to understand and work the challenges and opportunities of your project with the willingness to intelligently upend convention